Today Ambra returns with her talent, offering us a new job that will be available in all the online stores from February 7th, the title of the album is Darkling.

On his official website, we read how it is defined and how it is told: I sing and write songs only when I get angry or fall in love. I like to define my musical genre as “Female Intimate Rock” and from here my name is born Rockets. Influenced by Metal, Djent, Alternative Rock and Dark Indie Pop, I put down my music together with Umberto Ferro, producer, guitarist and diabolical mind of my project. I mix the most visceral and romantic love with the darkest and most primordial essence of every instinct. Between distortions and sweetnesses, endless live shows and uphill roads, I published Holy Hell (2014), debut album, and Darkling (2017), my most enigmatic, dark and clear work, realized in crowdfunding with Musicraiser.

A strong personality that is evident from the concepts expressed in his texts, but also very passionate musically; Ambra p redirects English and declares that she has noticed that it is also appreciated by the public of her land of origin: Sicily; but he does not disdain the songs in which the song “Diamonds” emerges , taken from the previous album, with a text that talks about a theme that is very dear to the artist, namely violence against women . Ambra Rockets is a truly direct, outspoken artist with an uncommon musical and singing talent that has always been a very sincere picture, and her statements are always heard, even in making details of how her album Darkling was born. recently on his Facebook page, he wrote: “Umberto Ferro is the producer of both Holy Hell and #Darkling. He knows me better than anyone. He knows how to make me angry and how not to make me angry. He knows how I feel my emotions and how I want them to reach out to me. He knows what’s behind every written word. He knows well what is behind every agreement related to another agreement. He knows. Precisely for this reason no one better than he can give a body to my music. He arranged every song as his own and wrote for me and with me the most beautiful songs ever written in my path. I don’t know anyone to combine art and audio technology as he does. I am deeply grateful for this gift. ”

Of the ten tracks of the album there is to say immediately and without false compliments that are exceptional; one of my favorites is We Are Darkling , a ballad with mysterious and captivating atmospheres, where the artist’s voice ranges in a scale of sublime tones, a second song to mention absolutely is Phoenix, very beautiful, with a powerful entry that then he relaxes in a melodic and rock sound in a compelling, rhythmic and passionate mix, really beautiful; finally, one song after another the whole album conquers and enchants, a dutiful note also for the song The Descent Of Love with its long instrumental entry that then opens to the voice of Ambra fondant, and sensual that rests safely on an original rhythm and for the beautiful Love In Blackness, so particular that it cannot be explained is only to be heard. An album not to be missed, highly recommended!

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