A bass drum, above all closed (for closed means the fact of not having the hole to the resonant skin) it has a sound characteristic given by the excessive resonance of the two skins which is called “tail”. The tail of the bass drum sound is not always the desired factor. In fact, you often have problems especially when you have to drum up a bass drum and it happens that putting the microphone very close or inside, the latter captures the sound of the attack, the resonance and also the tail that if not controlled can give problems. Look drum reviews.

The methods to attenuate the excessive resonance and queue of the case are:

  • making a 4-5″ round hole (look for the post dedicated to this topic); 
  • using a strip of felt placed on the leather; inserting a pillow inside or using a bass drum muffling available in musical instrument stores. 

Some case skins are already equipped with muffling mounted inside.

It is not enough to simply place a pillow inside to maintain a good cash sound. Depending on how much the surface of each leather is covered, different results are obtained which must be considered especially if one has to mike for a recording or for a live concert. 
Here is a detailed description of the acoustic effects of a cushion or muffler inserted into the bass drum taking into account how much surface is covered.

How to use the pillow

  • if a muffler or any object that covers 15-20% of the beating leather accentuates the attack of the sash and leaves the note of the casing unchanged. 
  • if a muffler that covers 15-20% of the resonant skin attenuates the attack of the sash and offers a short resonance of the fundamental note with a good punch on the low frequencies followed by some brilliant harmonics. 
  • if a muffler or more cushions rest on both skins, covering 15-20%of the surface of each one, however, an accentuation of the attack of the sash is obtained. The volume decreases slightly and the fundamental and the sustain become more defined with consequent reduction of the acute harmonics. 
  • if the muffler touches the 25-30% of the casement and d the 15-20% of the resonant skin the attachment of the swing result be even more accentuated, the volume decreases further and the fundamental note rises slightly upward. The overtones are completely absent and it is the most comfortable solution for miking without problems. 
  • when the pillow touches the resonant instead for a 25-30%the sound becomes drier, this system is also convenient for miking without problems. The attack of the door becomes stronger and more present and the volume remains constant. Felt in acoustics, it seems to below, but it gets a lot of punch.

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