Today on QuadriProject we find Bengi (Daniele Benati) who is told in this interview:

1) How did you approach music? how was your passion born?

To music in general I say thanks to my parents who sang very often at home, as a musician I have to say thanks to my brother Alberto who almost obliged me one evening when I was 13 to learn the first chords on the guitar (using naval on the fingertips were seen that we had a very poor guitar with very hard strings)

2) Was it easy to follow this passion for you, or did you have difficulty? If yes, which ones?

Let’s say that as long as it remains a passion it is all very simple, the group management or discography part starts to be more complicated, but it all depends on whether your purpose is to do what you like or look for the first places at all costs Ranking.

3) Which is your greatest success? And what made you most happy?

I would say with the RIDILLO in the period of “Mangio Amore” and “Figli di un Buon Stella” (album that we are reprinting together with the first just in these days), but if I have to look at what made me the most money then we have to look for it among the things I do for Library music (rai, Mediaset or flipper music). It’s almost another job, less stressful and more durable, I started about ten years ago and now it’s around 30 written and produced albums and considers that if a traditional discography album has a life we ​​say about 6 months, in the case instead of the music written for commercials, fiction and TV, in general, the more they age, the more they work (among other things around the world).

4) Have you collaborated with other successful artists? important collaborations?

With Ridillo we opened the concerts of James Brown and EW&F, then we played together on a tour with Eumir Deodato, but the most challenging part of the work is undoubtedly the one with Gianni Morandi. He taught me a lot both on stage and outside, the management of the tests and of what is around us, a great professional.

5) In the course of your musical career have you understood what people like or understand it is like the search for the sacred Grail?

The fact that we haven’t been in the charts for over 20 years makes you understand that maybe we didn’t understand it, but I often listen to the radio and more than 80% of the songs that go by I wonder “would I sing them?” The answer is no, so that’s okay, I keep singing what I like and every time someone notices that it’s not so bad to throw away, as a producer I’m very careful, but the search continues.

6) What do you think about today’s music scene?

On the one hand, the web is an extraordinary tool, if you have ideas and you know how to communicate you can get anywhere, for that it is worthwhile to invent different strategies if you don’t want to go from the few channels of talent now

7) Do you, the musician for you, what does it mean?

I live with music and I thank God for this, but I like to think of very varied work, made up of big radio and TV stages, but also small live shows in pubs or clubs and still done with a methodical study work thinking of alternative projects.

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