The album by the original singer-songwriter from Savona, which is also her first work, contains eight tracks that elegantly range from soul to folk-rock and country; the traces: two in Italian and six in English, they are all an emotional nucleus resulting from a personal experience and human experiences; the title of the album is simply the surname of the artist, this detail also reflects the elegance and simplicity of this singer.

The artist thus commented on his work: “It is not a contradiction, but a faithful representation of who I am today, of the path that led me to the beautiful Italian song, through an international blues background that allowed me to grow”

The songs on this album highlight first of all the great voice of the artist, one of my favourite songs is Piove with melancholic and classic atmospheres, as well as the voice that is imbued with sadness, but the song is equally sustained and pleasant; of the six unpublished works in English it cannot be said that good, soul and blues are mixed with the popular vision as in travel Crazy which is a truly original song, another song that really struck me and The Lord Coming Home a special song by Star; from every performance Margherita comes out as a winner a true sequence of talent and excellent vocal performances; Highly recommended album is a nice tribute to Italian indie.

The album was born halfway between Italy and England because Margherita Zanin lived for about four years in London and that’s where she set up her musical project, later released by the label Platform Music, an independent label Milanese, Roberto Costa is the producer of the record, known for being also of Luca Carboni, Ron, Gli Stadio, Luca Barbarossa and many others.

Margherita Zanin born in ’93 begins her musical journey at a very young age, and has to her credit numerous evenings and festivals in Italy and abroad, always accompanied by well-known musicians, but the turning point comes in 2013 thanks to meetings and new experiences and a long stay in London; the artist thus created his first album now available in all the Digital Stores. The first excerpt from the album is the song “Piove” a ballad written entirely, or lyrics and music, by Margherita.

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