The new work by the singer-songwriter released for the Stevo Records label in November winds nicely between the burning issues of the moment and his innate poetic vein, all supported by typically Italian melodies mixed with rock atmospheres; a mix of great emotional impact that makes this album extremely interesting.

” Muoviti” is a versatile, eclectic album that shows the maturity of the artist and his experience in mastering singing and composition; the sound path of this project proposes moments of dreamy romanticism, tells of love, but it is also full of more incisive passages dedicated to today’s social and existential problems; the songs are all, as already mentioned, a mix of Italian melodic pop-rock, lyrics and music steeped in experience, impressions and live emotions. The author thus commented on his work: “When I wrote that first verse I never imagined putting it into music. I had broken the ice with myself, I had discovered myself completely, turning on all the lights “.

An album not to be missed

The ten tracks of the album are all descriptive, they narrate and analyze, suffer and rejoice in such diversified texts that seem to ideally hold hands; the song that gives the title to the album is a classic example of atmospheres that draw inspiration from the great Italian singer-songwriter, a marvellous cover of “The story is us” that remains faithful to the original emotions of the song but is enriched with a very personal and very timbre heard; the same applies to the cover of “Metropolitan People” performed with passion that reflects the enthusiasm and charisma of the great Bertoli, but which explodes with a new freshness and is dressed in a very special light signed “Cristoforetti”. The album is highly recommended, in fact, I’d say it’s an album not to be missed, my word

Bio by Michele

Cristoforetti’s musical adventure begins in his home garage in 2005, after a brief period of “break-in” the artist’s musical idea and passion are reflected in the formation of a band that engages itself in an excellent way in a repertoire of covers. Italian rock; time passes and in 2008 the band establishes itself thanks to the classic “mess-tin” and widens its range of action with performances in increasingly important venues, parallel to which the line-up of the group is modified several times until it reaches the optimal structure. However, Michele Cristoforetti also cultivates his projects as a soloist and works in this sense with great artistic profit that touches the culmination of the development in 2013.


  1. Travel anthology
  2. The album of poses
  3. Move
  4. Cuban Cigar
  5. My time
  6. It happens that
  7. Beautiful fear
  8. Metropolitan People: cover of the song by Pierangelo Bertoli, extracted from the album Oracoli (1990)
  9. The story is us: cover of the song by Francesco De Gregori, extracted from the album “Scacchi e Tarocchi” (1985).
  10. Cuban Cigar

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