This track by My Escort , a group born in 2010 is a single from a very special album, made with a group of songs that were written between 1998 and 2013; songs influenced by encounters with various musicians who influenced their mood and musical personality. But not only that, the album is a true “diary”, a collection of memories that refer to important finite ties, of love and friendship, to places of origin of the beloved childhood and places visited, lived. A collection of reflections, retrospectives and suppositions of life events passed, in awareness, songs born with late words, hence the title of the album.

The band has thus expressed itself on the subject of the single song and the album: «Intense affective relationships often leave indelible traces. And anyone in life will have been crossed by the desire that time could stop in perfect moments. Time obviously continues its course, regardless of the movements of our souls. Only memories remain alive. Sometimes they are of a disarming sweetness, others annihilate us ». My Escort.

In the course of his artistic life, the group has often changed line-ups with frequent changes to reach a balance and artistic stability in the recent members; thus finishing their album:”Canzoni in Late” . The artistic production of the disc was followed by Matteo Franzan.Listening to “Reflections”which is the opening track of the disc which contains nine other songs, one is immediately struck by this song for its rhythmic sound so deeply rock but at the same time melodic and captivating; very nice for me, intriguing the voice of the singer and excellent arrangement; on the whole the melody is fluent and very pleasant, a style and a clear talent to know and appreciate in all its facets. The meaning of the text that speaks of the uncertainties and the fear of the passage of time that takes away a part of us, as well as beauty, is very profound.

Line Up

  • Alessio Montagna (voice),
  • Luca Agerde (bass)
  • Daniele Trevisan (acoustic / electric guitar), Davide Traforti (second guitar).
  • The musicians live between the provinces of Vicenza and Padua.
  • Tracklist of the album from which the track is extracted
  • Reflexes
  • A Simple Goodbye
  • Privé
  • Something that is missing
  • A Place For Us
  • Leaves And Fog
  • The Balance
  • I remain to wait
  • Saturday
  • Things Never Change

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