The disc consists of thirteen tracks all rich in contamination and clear rock influences from the 70s / 90s; a record where the leitmotiv incites with a passion to always be oneself. The album was self-produced by Nagualtogether with Alberto Callegari for the label OrzoRock Music and mixed and mastered at the Elfo Studio in Tavernago.

The album as well as being high-profile musically is also original and complex in its essence, starting with the title, in fact, the phrase Tat Tvam Asi is a mantra declined in Sanskrit which translated means “You are exactly as you are”. The band gave an exhaustive explanation of the meaning: “Self in its pure original and primordial state is entirely or partially identifiable with the” Ultimate Reality “which is the ground and the origin of all phenomena”.

This album is for the band the debut that marks not the end of a path but an important evolution , a sum of experiences in progress that include the creation of original and unpublished songs alternated by unique covers of songs by the greats of rock like Led Zeppelin , Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Soundgarden, Temple of the Dog, Pearl Jam, 70s Rock / Blues and Grunge 90s. A truly histrionic and very personal album that reflects the talent and commitment of this group, coming from the province of Piacenza and active since 2006, four veterans of the Piacenza and Pavia rock scene.

The leading songs for me are “Words for the wind”, a strong song, with an overwhelming sonority that captures in no uncertain terms, then the sweet “Defenseless”, “Dark lunacy”, and “Dreaming soul mate”, without taking anything away from the other nine, these are the ones that really struck me a boomerang; to mention also “My own two demons” song that with a predominant battery and rich in reverberations gives palpable emotions; in its entirety, in any case, all the work is really valid and recommended, a debut with the bows and the flakes, a real journey back in time to the music without electronic frills or to put it with the title of the same album “Tat Tvam Asi” as it is…four souls and true music.

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